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Patient Success Stories

"The best Dr anywhere!!!!!!!!!!" -- C.N.

"Dr. Daugherty, I owe this man my life. Made me so happy I cried. I spent 9 years in office after office, all with symptoms most doctors wouldn't relate to one another. High blood pressure, miscarriages, swelling primarily in the lower portion of my body. You name the type of Dr, I saw them all. Dr. Daugherty was so patient with me, and LISTENED to my medical history and from appointment number one called what was going on with me. I had a compressed vein in my pelvis. He fixed it,I am about 2 months out of surgery and feel better than I ever have. His staff is amazing. All the ladies up front are so sweet, and I love my ultrasound girls. Special shout out to Susan his nurse, she is amazing as well. Love this team and the office." -- S.P.


"Changed my life!!! Thank You Dr. D!! The heaviness, achy, drop dead tiredness and pain that I have had for years has greatly improved!!! Recommend him to any and everyone, men and women that are having any of the above mentioned symptoms! ! I had a Thermal Ablasion done on this past Friday, and aside from the small amount of tenderness around the puncture marks, I feel great, and so does my leg!! Only wish I could have met him 10 years ago, but better late than never!!! He and his staff are awesome!! Can't thank them enough!! Thanks again Dr. D.!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!" -- B.K.

"Dr. Daugherty is such an amazing doctor and makes sure you are taken care of. I suffered from leg pain for years, I had a procedure done (at another facility) in 2010 where I had coils placed in the ovarian vein to try to relieve pain and it was unsuccessful. I had surgery on March 19, 2014, to have a stent placed in the L. Iliac Vein and I no longer suffer from leg pain, and I can now enjoy my husband. He has changed my life and helped my marriage more than I could have ever imagined. I am so blessed to have found this wonderful man I call my doctor. I was very skeptical before the surgery and thought well... I will give this one last try.... I am so thankful I did. I recommend him to anyone that comes to me with complaints of varicose veins and similar problems. Wonderful doctor with a wonderful staff!" -- C.B.

"The staff here is excellent; you could not find a better doctor or nursing and office staff. You are always treated with the utmost respect. The nursing staff is very informative, and Dr. Daugherty is very caring and compassionate." -- D.C.

"For almost a year, I thought the burning and hurting was caused from a nerve. After the vein was removed, I was back at work in seven days. I can’t thank Dr. Daugherty enough." -- R.M.

"I can’t express in words how thankful I am for the outcome of my vein treatment and the concern he has for his patients. He has a great staff also." -- N.R.

"As a patient for eleven years, my recommendations are very high. I hold Dr. Stephen F. Daugherty in the highest esteem as a man, a doctor and a surgeon. The staff is very friendly and courteous." -- E.W.

"Go see the “God sent” Dr. Stephen Daugherty. He is very caring and does a study of your leg problem before he talks about surgery. He is an angel sent to take care of us when we need his care. If he told me today I needed more surgery, I would be ready to go ASAP. I can’t say enough to praise his staff and Dr. D." -- R.M.

"Before graduating high school, I noticed a growing discomfort in my lower back region, leg pain, and severe pelvic pain. By age twenty-five, the pain had intensified beyond discomfort. As I was nearing thirty, my constant leg and pelvic pain interfered with my daily activities. After I started seeing Dr. Daugherty, tests showed I had Iliac Vein Compression. Following placement of an iliac vein stent, my lower back and pelvic pain decreased, blood flow increased, and I found energy levels comparable to my friends. Six months following surgery through needle sticks, I am thankful to say I feel better than I have since high school." -- R.C.

"I have been a patient with VeinCare Centers of Tennessee for 2 years now and it has been a life changing experience for me. I came to Dr. Daugherty with leg pain & swelling in my legs and feet. From the very start, I was very impressed with the doctor and staff. They were concerned with treating my pain and educated me about my diagnosis. They also came up with a reasonable treatment program. My legs not only look better than they have in years but more importantly my quality of life has vastly improved. I am able to exercise without my legs throbbing and mow my 3-acre yard without being sore. My energy level has improved vastly so that I am able to keep up with my three children and help run our Dairy Farm. Thank you for helping me “feel” younger and be healthier." -- M.C.

"I researched for a vein treatment center and when I saw Dr. Daugherty’s impressive credentials of education and double board certification in surgery and phlebology, I knew this was the place for me. I made my initial appointment and was thoroughly impressed with the clean and modern facility, the marvelous and caring staff, the thorough tests performed by the ultrasound specialists and, of course, Dr. Daugherty. I was given his total attention and received lengthy consultations as we proceeded toward the treatments I needed. Everything was done to the specifications of my insurance and I truly believe the conscientiousness of the doctor and staff in following all the guidelines led to the coverage of all the medical necessity treatments by my insurance. I travel approximately four hours from West Tennessee and it is absolutely worth it to be treated by the staff and doctor I have come to love at the VeinCare Centers of Tennessee. I highly recommend this facility for anyone seeking venous improvements through specialized and customized vein treatments." -- R.E.

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    "The staff here is excellent; you could not find a better doctor or nursing and office staff. You are always treated with the utmost respect. The nursing staff is very informative, and Dr. Daugherty is very caring and compassionate." -- D.C.

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