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Symptoms of venous disease may range from very mild to very severe and vary considerably from patient to patient. Some patients with very advanced and serious venous disorders may have minimal symptoms while others who experience considerable pain may have only very tiny abnormal veins.

Because some of the symptoms of venous disease can be similar to symptoms from back or nerve disorders, joint problems, or arterial problems, it is not uncommon to find patients whose venous problems have been disregarded or missed entirely by a primary care physician.

If you have any of the following symptoms, we recommend that you contact us so that your condition can be reviewed.  It’s not uncommon for patients to experience vast improvements and relief from pain, discomfort and swelling.

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    "Go see the “God sent” Dr. Stephen Daugherty. He is very caring and does a study of your leg problem before he talks about surgery. He is an angel sent to take care of us when we need his care. If he told me today I needed more surgery, I would be ready to go ASAP. I can’t…" -- R.M.

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