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The goal of treatment is to relieve symptoms or to reverse or prevent progression of the condition. Avoidance of future complications of untreated venous disease is especially important.

Treatment is about improving your quality of life!

A Note About LASER

Patients often call us believing that they want LASER or intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments for small veins in the legs. Others have undergone multiple such treatments without resolution of their problem.

While LASER or IPL treatment of abnormal veins is widely available, we rarely recommend these treatments. LASER or IPL treatment may work in a small number of patients, but sclerotherapy usually is more effective, causes less discomfort, and is less costly.

Failure of LASER or IPL treatment often occurs due to the presence of veins under the skin, reticular veins, which feed blood to the smaller spider veins near the surface. These larger and deeper veins are not sealed shut by LASER or IPL therapy and cause a rapid recurrence or failure of LASER or IPL therapy.

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    "Changed my life!!! Thank You Dr. D!! The heaviness, achy, drop dead tiredness and pain that I have had for years has greatly improved!!! Recommend him to any and everyone, men and women that are having any of the above mentioned symptoms! ! I had a Thermal Ablasion done on this…" -- B.K.

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