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Endovenous ablation is a term usually applied to a variety of minimally-invasive techniques for treating relatively straight veins which have developed valve failure resulting in blood running down the leg under the force of gravity with sitting or standing. The most commonly treated vein is the great saphenous vein in the inner aspect of the thigh and calf in the deep fatty tissue. Other veins which may be treated by these methods include the small saphenous veins, accessory great saphenous veins, and perforating veins which connect veins in the muscle with veins in the fatty tissue. Endovenous ablation has over the past decade revolutionized vein treatment and has replaced vein stripping in all but a few special circumstances. Patients who are told by a physician who treats veins on a part-time basis that they need a vein stripping procedure should consider seeking a second opinion from a vein specialist.

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    "Before graduating high school, I noticed a growing discomfort in my lower back region, leg pain, and severe pelvic pain. By age twenty-five, the pain had intensified beyond discomfort. As I was nearing thirty, my constant leg and pelvic pain interfered with my daily activities.…" -- R.C.

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